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We’re Back! It has been too long to be away from the Hooch Blog! I’d gotten things spun up pretty well a few years back and I’d gotten very busy with my primary business which took me away. You know… Continue Reading →

Must Haves for Your Travel Bar

Today I want to share with you the reasons and necessities you must have for a travel bar. Before I get too far, I want to say that you can certainly go on Amazon and pick up an actual travel… Continue Reading →

Top 8 Most Dangerous Drinks

Top Eight Most Dangerous Drinks With some drinks, it’s clear what you’re dealing with. From the moment you pick up an Old Fashioned, sweating in its heavy glass and giving off a tang of whiskey, you know to sip and… Continue Reading →

Favorite Fall and Holiday Gelatin Shot Recipes

It’s officially fall! The leaves are turning and its football season so our thoughts turn to tailgating, indoor cooking, and intoxicology. We, here at the Hooch Blog, thought we would share with you some of our favorite gelatin shot recipes… Continue Reading →

Getting Into The Halloween Spirit

For several years in a row I hosted a Creepy Cocktail Party for Halloween. This was a great party to host, since much of it could be made ahead, simplifying the bartending process. The juices and mixers were prepared ahead… Continue Reading →

Beet Cocktails!

I’m a member of a book club that’s also a drinking club, and most of our meetings feature food and drink related to that month’s selection. Moby Dick brought cod chowder and Dark and Stormy’s, while Jitterbug Perfume was accompanied by goat… Continue Reading →

Long Island Iced Tea

When I turned 21, there were a number of drinks I couldn’t wait to try.  Mostly they were based around movies and tv shows I’d seen, or something my older friends recommended.  Anything with more than 3 ingredients seemed like… Continue Reading →

Your Lion Will Sleep Tonight!

I woke up with SUCH a headache.  After a couple glasses of water, I started to wander around the living area where we held last night’s party.  I found many party glasses around with bits of fruit and even sometimes a… Continue Reading →

Keep the Summer Going with Mai Tai’s!

In the late 90’s tech jobs were all the rage and if you were in tech you could get a pretty fun job, with some exciting benefits. I was working in Chicago at the time for a large technology firm… Continue Reading →

Stroh 80 – Best Kept Secret

I don’t know about you, but when someone brought me some Stroh 80 for my birthday I said “Great, thank you!  What is it?” “It’s amazing, let’s drink it!” Out come the shot glasses. This stuff is so strong, it’s… Continue Reading →

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