Jungle Juice in the Jungle!

A delicious and potent party drink!

I woke up with SUCH a headache.  After a couple glasses of water, I started to wander around the living area where we held last night’s party.  I found many party glasses around with bits of fruit and even sometimes a whole piece.  I got to the cauldron we used and found it quite empty.  Obviously the Jungle Juice was a hit!  Also, even more obviously, I did not hydrate well enough!

Jungle Juice is a drink name known far and wide, typically characterized as a strong, tropical, fruity drink.  The differences are typically the alcohols used, ratios of the fruit juices and even the way the drink is mixed.

One commonality I’ve found in these variants is the intensity of the drink.  Typically the strong-flavored juices used do an excellent job of masking the alcohol flavor and it’s easy to over-imbibe.

A special treat of this drink is the pieces of fruit within the punch bowl.  As the ingredients sit together, the alcohol starts to seep into the fruit, which makes for some buzz-worthy fruity snacks at the bottom of your glass!

Chemically, we find that alcohol drinks with fruit ingredients generally have a stronger impact on your body and you can get a pretty good buzz really fast.  Sweet drinks are easy to drink quickly too, so what makes these sneaky is that you can drink more than you can handle pretty quickly.  Consider when you are mixing this drink for your guests and scale back on the booze.  It’s easy to add more in if you feel the drink is weak; in fact, you could pre-mix your alcohols to add in later while keeping the same ratios to get the best flavors.  I’ll include this option in the instructions below.

Jungle Juice

64 oz – Pineapple Juice
64 oz – Orange Juice
64 oz – Cranberry Juice
64 oz – Frozen mixed fruit medley (include strawberries, grapes, pineapple, peaches, and whatever other fruit you enjoy).
750 ml (a fifth) – Vodka
750 ml (a fifth) – White Rum
750 ml (a fifth) – Everclear
Bucket of ice cubes

Large Container like a 16 quart stock pot, 3 gallon punch bowl, or even a cauldron (3 gallons minimum).
1/2 gallon pitcher (for strengthening your Jungle Juice if it’s too weak)
Party Glasses

Start your mixing about 4-6 hours before guests arrive to give the frozen fruit a chance to melt, and start taking up the alcohol in the mix.
Begin by putting your frozen fruit in your chosen container.

Now pour half of  each bottle of alcohol into the mix.  Pour the other half into your pitcher for strengthening your Jungle Juice later.

Then add your fruit juices and stir thoroughly for about 5 minutes.
Let sit until party-time.
Before serving, have your ice bucket ready so everyone can throw some ice cubes in the glass before pouring into your glass.

Throughout the night keep a ladle in the mix and encourage a quick stir before serving.

Variations include adding several fruity liquors to the mix as well as some Bacardi 151.  I’m all in favor of these, but as you add this mix, you certainly elevate the alcohol level.  Making your drink LESS strong after the fact might require some more containers and might throw off your flavors as well.  I would suggest the same procedure as above, only use half of your alcoholic ingredients and put the other half into a pitcher you can then add later so the ratios remain consistent and you can keep the flavors as intended.