In the late 90’s tech jobs were all the rage and if you were in tech you could get a pretty fun job, with some exciting benefits.

I was working in Chicago at the time for a large technology firm and living life with some respectable paychecks, and managers just looking for something to burn expense accounts on.  It was not uncommon to do some team building events at the expensive steakhouse, the fancy fondue place, or even take in some medieval jousting tournament in a huge indoor arena complete with roasted turkey legs and pewter mugs of ale.

It was at that time I finally decided to move back to the pacific northwest and sadly depart this wonderland to live closer to family and old friends so my Chicago management and co-workers decided to see me off in grand style at a restaurant known for its excellent seafood and even more excellent Mai Tai’s.

Tropical drink

A refreshing tropical drink that hides some potency!

Grand style of course meant that this was a luncheon; and not a dinner.  We were expected to return to work (and I was to continue to train my replacement), but that didn’t prevent those with the lovely expense accounts to order up pitcher after pitcher of Mai Tai’s.

What I loved about these was they were so tropical, fruity and sweet, which managed to go perfectly with some of the seafood we were enjoying.  While that was all well and good, the potency of the Mai Tai is not to be trifled with.  Let’s just say that my last day was beyond memorable for both me and my replacement.  Not sure if he ever figured out the job but I’m certain I didn’t make it easy.

Well a few weeks ago I got a craving for these again and I went looking around for a recipe that best matched what I had back in Chicago.  After some testing I found this one does the job quite well.  I find that the splash of grenadine is what makes the drink.  It softens the acid edge and adds just enough sweet to rival the tang you get with the fruit juices.

Mai Tai

1.5 oz – Spiced Rum
.75 oz – Coconut flavored rum
2 oz – Orange Juice
3 oz – Pineapple Juice
Teaspoon – Grenadine

Shaker w/ice
Tumbler or Rocks Glass

Combine ingredients in shaker, and shake well. Strain into tumbler with 2-3 ice cubes.